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June 15th Program

A Unique “Anasazi” Pottery Tour

Photo: Edge of the Cedars Museum

Presenter: Judy Kilgore, PPC/CAS Member

In 2001, the Pikes Peak Chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society had a program about rock art in southeast Colorado. While attending the meeting, a member talked about an upcoming field trip to southeast Utah. Judy & Bob thought it would be fun to visit their favorite part of the world with others so they became members. They ended up leading the field trip because the person that was going to lead it was not able to make it. A list of places to visit was shared and Judy & Bob knew where to go except for one site. Talk about jumping in with both feet! Ever since, Judy has served on many Committees as well as on the Board since that time. She currently produces the chapter Newsletter and is the Director of Membership.

About Judy Kilgore

It was in 1981 when Judy Kilgore and her husband, Bob, took some time off from work and headed to the Blanding, Utah area to enjoy a week of hiking in the canyons around Comb Ridge and visiting the ruins and rock art found there. This wasn’t the 1st trip to the area nor was it going to be their last. But this was not the week to be there as it had started to rain when they arrived and continued to rain for most of the week. Lucky for them, they knew the park ranger at Edge of the Cedars Museum. He set them up in his upstairs office to read oral history accounts of the locals, mostly from “pot hunter” family members.  Judy was also allowed access to the back storage room where pottery that was not on display was stored. As you will see, the camera film she brought along for their trip did not go to waste. This presentation will be more of a “show” than a “show and tell” as Judy knows basic pottery information.

Judy was not born in Colorado but did grow up in Colorado Springs. She and Bob got married while she was a senior in High School. How they got to know about Blanding was through Bob taking a primitive living skills class in 1975 through El Paso Community College (now Pikes Peak Community College). He was introduced to southeast Utah through this classes. Bob took Judy to the area while passing through on a trip to Phoenix in 1978. Judy felt like she was coming home when she saw the beautiful scenery.


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