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A study of identity and agency among Victorian-era Army washer women was conducted through an analysis of alcohol-related containers collected from laundress quarters across three archaeological sites. Few field studies have considered the experiences of these women, yet material correlates from excavations at Fort Massachusetts, Fort Garland, and Fort Smith provided valuable evidence regarding the lives of laundresses who resided there, including evidence of alcohol consumption. (More)


Gwendolyn Wallen-Sena M.A., R.P.A.
Assistant Professor
Pikes Peak Community College

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Vogel Canyon - A Renewed Face, A Renewed Spirit

Vogel Canyon is a distilled record of the human past on the High Plains in southeastern Colorado. This video celebrates the successful partnerships which have preserved this important record of the human past. Produced in partnership by  the Pikes Peak Chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society and the  U.S. Forest Service, Comanche National Grassland this 21 minute video summarizes  an important conservation project south of La Junta, Colorado. The program includes video of graffiti removal, trail construction,  and contains a strong anti-vandalism message.

Funded through a grant from the Colorado State Historical Fund.

Preserving Cultural Heritage

This presentation was created by Brandon Ott. As an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America, it was his Eagle Scout Project. Brandon spent over a 1,000 hours visiting sites, museums, and researching archaeology preservation.  Tom Sholes (Pikes Peak Chapter) provided guidance and Dave Sproul (Pikes Peak Chapter) provided the music track. The video may be view full screen by clicking on the icon at the lower right corner of the video after starting the video.