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March 17, 2020

Colorado Springs’ Surprisingly Rich Archaeological Resources

Presenter: Anna Cordova, Colorado Springs Lead Archaeologist

Photo by Anna Cordova

The City of Colorado Springs is rich in archaeology. Over the last three years, Lead Archaeologist Anna Cordova has overseen a wide variety of projects involving the City’s cultural and archaeological resources. Project sites include the Garden of the Gods Park (revealing prehistoric and historic artifacts), surveys and test excavations at Corral Bluffs Open Space, full surveys of Austin Bluffs Open Space and North Cheyenne Cañon, and many more. Projects often involve public engagement, tribal consultation, field work, lab work, and collaboration with various agencies. Join us to hear updates on many of these projects as well as the challenges and successes of stewardship for Colorado Springs’ archaeological assets.

About the speaker: Anna Cordova

Anna Cordova is the City of Colorado Springs’ first Lead Archaeologist – a position created in 2016. A Colorado Springs native and graduate of UCCS, Cordova has over 15 years of experience in professional archaeology and ethnography. Her experience includes a variety of field work, laboratory work, and extensive collaboration with various government agencies and contractors. Cordova has archaeological experience in several states, with most of her work taking place in Hawaii and now in Colorado, where her role as the City’s Lead Archaeologist involves tribal consultation, public education, mitigation, and stewardship of the archaeological resources of the City’s parks and open spaces.

April 21, 2020

“Flyover” Archaeology:
Exploring cultures of the mighty Mississippi River

Presenter: Bonnie Moser

The Midwest is sometimes referred to as “flyover country” – a somewhat pejorative term for states that are only worth seeing out the window of a plane. However, when it comes to archaeology, the reference is misleading. In fact, the archaeology in this part of the U.S. can be very thought-provoking. This presentation showcases a selection of state and national parks in the heart of “flyover country” that provide opportunities to see archaeology along the Mississippi River. We’ll survey the who, when, and where of various people who lived and traded along the Mississippi River. We start at the river’s headwaters in Minnesota to appreciate how geography affects what archaeologists are able to examine today. Next, we look at what is known about the mound and village sites created by the prehistoric people of the Woodland and Mississippian cultures. We end with a history narrative about the Natchez Trace in the early 1800s. Our survey covers a large time span from about AD 200 to the early 1800s.

Photo by Bonnie Moser

About the speaker: Bonnie J. Moser

Bonnie J. Moser’s interest in archaeology stems from her two-year teaching stint in Ghana, West Africa. This opportunity sparked an interest in cultural anthropology, which grew to encompass Southwestern archaeology. During her 30-year career as a physicist in the aerospace industry, Moser began hiking canyons in the Southwest, honed her photography skills, and began reading intensively about archaeology in the U.S. Southwest, Plains, and Midwest – activities she continues to pursue today. Moser is a PAAC Scholar (Program for Avocational Archaeological Certification) and is a member of the American Rock Art Research Association, Colorado Archaeological Society, and Utah Rock Art Research Association. She is a frequent speaker at Pikes Peak Chapter/CAS.

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