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Chapter Members: Share your favorite photo!

Enjoy a stroll down memory lane as you review all your fun photos from Chapter field trips – or visits to other archaeological and historical locales. Select your favorite photo, and we’ll post it on the PPC/CAS website!

We encourage you to include a brief caption to note the location and other interesting details (100 words max). And you can share why this is one of your favorite photos.

There’s no deadline, and it’s not a contest – just a fun way for members to stay in touch and stay excited about our archaeological adventures. Keep checking this page, because we’ll keep adding images as they arrive.

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Simply email your photo + a brief caption (100 words max) to Rich Garcia at photos@ColoradoSpringsArchaeology.org

Corral Bluffs

Photos by Elaine Garcia

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Apishipa Site

We enjoyed a day trip to an Apishipa habitation site in southeast Colorado. The field trip was led by Bill Tilley and Deb Bloch. We explored the stone circles left by the homes of the people from long ago. Away from the habitation site was a small cliff with large rocks scattered around. We discovered rock art, some really old that had repatinated and other petroglyphs that were more visible. The cacti were in bloom and the coyote gourd plants were busy spreading around on the terrain. It was a nice day to be out exploring.

Photos by Judy Kilgore

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Yampa and Green Rivers

In May of 2009, shortly after Eric and I married he took me to Colorado to go on a rafting trip with a few of his friends.  The trip was five days on the Yampa and Green River starting at Deer Lodge Park and ending at Dinosaur National Park.  I had my first experience with native rock art and a cave used for food storage.  Pretty exciting experience.

Photos by Susanne Denlinger

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Pinon Canyon, CO

Field trip 2008 with Mark and Pam Owen.

Historical presence in the Canyon area.  An old Spanish village?

Once a beautiful ranch home.

Photos by Elaine Garcia

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Butler Wash, Utah

CAS field trip

October 2010

At the tourist overlook

Photos by Elaine Garcia

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Buckhorn Wash, Utah

CAS field trip

September  2002

Can you find the angels?

Photos by Elaine Garcia

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Picket Wire

Local CAS field trip to Picket Wire, October 2012.

Photos by Jerry Rhodes

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Salisbury U.K. Cathedral

Salisbury U.K., cathedral (begun 1220) showing a twenty-foot diameter, suspended, rotating globe representing earth from outer space.  Commemorating Earth Day, May 2019

Photo by Pat Williams

Photo by Pat Williams


Photo taken while visiting an atlatl survey group. We recorded an intact Sweat Lodge and several archaic sites.

This rock art site was discovered above our camp site. We were doing a BLM survey along the Delores River on the Colorado/Utah border. The survey was for a Uranium Mine. We recorded several archaic and prehistoric sites and a Navajo sweat lodge build in the 1940’s.

Photo by Steve Snyder

Photo by Steve Snyder

Square Tower House
Mesa Verde National Park

To me, the words “archaeology” and “adventure” go hand-in-hand. Two years ago, Kim Chatterley and I were extremely lucky to participate in a CAS field trip, limited to 12 participants: Square Tower House in Mesa Verde. The guide led us down a scary, long wooden ladder, then down a steep narrow trail to the most amazing ruin I’ve ever seen. Since we were a CAS group – and could be trusted – we were allowed to carefully step INSIDE the tower, one by one. My photo of the tower’s interior may not be stunning, but it’s a moment I’ll never forget.

Patrice Rhoades-Baum

Photo by Patrice Rhoades-Baum

Bailey Ranch
Simla, Colorado

Each year, the Pikes Peak Chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society has a summer picnic. This picnic was at the Bailey Saddle Museum in Simla, Colorado. The museum is a must see item that is out of the way, but worth the time to visit.

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Rich. Garcia

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Trinchera Cave

Who would think this canyon held secrets like Trinchera Cave, waterfalls and rock art? PPC/CAS field trip led by long-time member Mike Nowak (affectionately known as “ekim”), was held Labor Day weekend 2006. In addition to Trinchera Cave, we visited the Louden-Henritze Museum, the Baca House & the Bloom Mansion. Most of us stayed at Trinidad Lake Campground which was the site of a potluck dinner on Saturday evening. We had more people for this meal than normally showed up to the annual picnic and we were 133 miles from the center of Colorado Springs! It was an amazing weekend.

Bob Kilgore

Photo by Bob Kilgore