Program for Avocational Archaeological Certification (PAAC)

The Program for Avocational Archaeological Certification (PAAC) is a mutually beneficial educational program for avocational and professional archaeologists.

Class Schedule (more)

Goals: Avocational archaeologists, chapter members, volunteer their time and knowledge in an education program to increase the understanding of archaeology as a science – especially with a strong anti-vandalism message.

Depending on the availability of chapter volunteers, the number and subjects of actual programs will vary.

Approach: Because the fourth grade Colorado Social Studies Guidelines emphasize Colorado history, the chapter’s education program attempts to reach that audience, as well as other levels from elementary to adult, with enriching classes in several areas of archeology.

Archaeology Classes Available to Teachers

  • Rock Art: By using images of ancient rock art, students can gain an appreciation of the value of this irreplaceable resource.
  • Ceramics (Anasazi Pottery): By examining ancient pot sherds, students can appreciate the skill and artistry of Native American potters.
  • Lithics: By seeing many forms of ancient stone technology, students understand hunting and survival skills of ancient people.
  • Historic Archaeology: By examining and interpreting artifacts which include written records and photographs, students gain a deeper understanding of more recent history.
  • Corn Grinding:; By using stone implements, mano and metate, students experience part of ancient food preparation.
  • Dig Box: By using trowels and brushes the students have a chance to learn proper excavation techniques searching for artifacts in a dig box.