Colorado Archaeological Society
Pikes Peak Chapter
Colorado Springs, Colorado


November 21, 2017

Interpreting rock art in Fort Carson’s Turkey Creek Rock Art District

Presented by Mark Owens

Photo by Mark Owens - "Special Forces" archaeology
usng rope ladders with 109 degree temperature.

During 33 days of archaeological field work and 3 days of Native American consultation, Mark Owens and others evaluated 34 archaeological sites. The first, more substantial part of Owens’ talk relates to the collaborative effort to prepare a research proposal that will guide the reassessment of sites within Fort Carson’s Turkey Creek Rock Art District. Project rock art sites – specifically their composition and interpretation – are the focus of this presentation. The second part of Owens’ presentation has been jokingly referred to as “a year in the life of a rock art site.” Here, he presents preliminary research on a Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site location. Owens placed trail cameras in front of three rock art panels to track the movement of sun shadows and sun daggers over a one-year period to potentially determine whether these sites have astronomical alignments.

 About the presenter

 Mark Owens is the Senior Project Archaeologist for Stell, a company that contracts Section 106 compliance and archaeological work for Fort Carson. He has led a variety of archaeological survey, testing, and excavation projects during his 20 years in this role. Owens earned his MS degree in geology from Western State College and MA degree in anthropology from New Mexico State University. His research interests include rock art study, prehistoric warfare, and lithic analysis.

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